I am launching my novel - all 1000 pages and 15 years of it - with UNBOUND who you may know from their recent successes - see below.
You can view a film of me speaking about it here:

It’s all about MUSIC in a very intense way so if that interests you I’m crowdfunding with UNBOUND to publish the deluxe print version of this story about extreme musical creativity. The book has been taken up by the much-talked about publishing crowdfunders of such critical and commercial successes as Shaun Usher’s massive bestseller Letters of Note and Paul Kingsnorth's The Wake (UK Bookseller’s Book of the Year & Man Booker longlist) both funded in exactly the same way as mine.

But funding 1000 pages of print is a little different! So please take a look and pledge to one of the levels on the page if you can. Just £15 gets you the book and your name inside. But you can also pledge for a galaxy of special editions, ‘dinner with Tot’, ‘recording sessions with Tot’, loadsofotherstuff with Tot etc ... and special live music events (these will be memorable)…

So... c'mon and support the novel! You’ll have a 1000 pages to keep you out of trouble, and we’ll have one hell of a party at the end of it. And perhaps you help by passing this on to all of your ‘music mad friends’ and your ‘cultured acquaintances’... as ever... and thanks for listening... Tx

To bring John Nightly’s story to life go to

The Story of John Nightly is a story about music and about genius. How creativity can be both constructive and then in so many cases destructive. We probably all know someone like that, but what I wanted to write about was the way in which something innocent and creative - as well as being inspiring and life-enhancing - can also turn out to have a devastating effect on all of us.

The Story of John Nightly